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OOC: Down down doooooooown


x = Somewhat
xx = Greater
xxx = huge enormous crippling omg fear
xxxx = too scared to move
♥ = really love them instead.

Because Kiza isn't afraid of...almost anything.Collapse )


It's been going around the news, lately, and doubtless a lot of people should know about it by now, but for those who don't -- the Pakistani military has waged a full-on war against the Terrorists/Taliban/what-have-you following 5 strategic attacks on 3 different cities at the same. time. Not to mention some other places throughout the days before and after that particular one. The Pakistani army is up against roughly 10,000 trained militants in South Waziristan and...

Well, Kiza decided she would be one of the people who'd go.

Javed, being the ever-faithful city that he was, had pleaded her not to go, to stay, to let
him go instead. True to her nature, Kiza refused, steeling herself against his protests, ignoring the tears in his eyes and in the end resorted to shouting herself hoarse to make him stay because "The city needed him right now!".

Unwillingly, Javed let her go. And here he is now, on his bed, head in his hands and body shaking, wondering where she was; what she was doing; how she was doing. He hadn't heard from her in a while and he was completely worried.

Ya Allah, kahan hai meri Kiza, kahan hai...

Javed could really, really use some comfort right about now. Coupled with the absence of his country, his own city was being pelted by attacks, threats, bomb-blasts. He refused to admit it, but he was in pain. And he needs to be healed.

((ooc: ...truefax, Kiza-muse hasn't been active in my mind ever since the attacks :/ Javed and I are both pretty worried. Er...comfort him?))


Obvious stuff

Human Name: Javed. Just Javed.
Official Name: City District of Lahore, capital of the Punjab Province.
Apparent age: 23
Real Age: Around 2000-4000 years~
Birthday: None, really.
Residence: Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan [DHA, if you want the deets.]


Height: 6'1 feet
Weight: He eats. A lot. Though it doesn't show. It'd take a real strong man to pick him up.
Eye color: Brown.
Hair color: Chocolate colored with golden highlights. Whether these are natural or dyed, no one knows.
Skin color: Light olive skin.

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((OOC commentary by the mun because like hell would he say anything xD; Feel free to comment on this, though)) 

mememememememe for javedCollapse )

((...so... Javed is a silly tomboy who makes the perfect tsundere housewife. W. T. F. ))


Meme time with Javed~

((1. You must choose only ONE of your OCs. Do it again if you wanna use another OC. 
2. Your OC must answer every question as truthfully as possible. ))

...Uh, 'kay. Filling out, then.


Jeez, that was a waste of time. Fuck it, I'm goi</div>




Yep, guys~ this is UN, Pakistan, Sealand and Egypt-Mun bringing you MY city, MY hometown, MY favorite place in the whole world:


Alright, so, the username. Basically, dil-e-pakistan means "Heart of Pakistan", which is one of the nicknames Lahore has~ Pronounce it as "AY" not "EE".

I was sitting with my dad earlier to discuss his personality and name and such. His name is going to be Javed. Now, standardly, it's pronounced as Jaa-Vaid. But~ Since he's Punjabi, it's pronounced as Jwaid. Inside joke between all Pakistanis, getting it is not necessary. He doesn't HAVE a last name, he's just Javed.


Javed is a laid-back, collected guy who KNOWS he's awesome. He's been around for around 4000 years, so he's seen everything, heck he's even seen Alexander the Great! He's the cultural hub of Pakistan, in arts, music, history, education, film-making, etc. He also has this... quirk where he'll just get up and smack you if you're being an arse with a perfectly straight face. Oh, and he FAILS at driving, but don't you ever tell HIM that. He's AWESOME in every sense of the word -- according to him, at least. It's hard to get him pissed, but when he gets pissed, BOY does he get pissed. He'll smack you black and blue and make fucking vikings cry with his tongue. If you thought Kiza had a dirty mouth, you should see this guy. He LOVES cricket like anything and bright stuff. The whole year is a festival for Javed! He celebrates tons of festivals, religious as well as cultural, sometimes even things that don't involve him at all. His reasoning "Hey, if they're doing it, why can't I~?" He's Kiza's most loyal city and really protective of her. He's also one risky sonuvabitch and doesn't put down a dare, EVER. He smokes a bit, but doesn't ever drink. 

Javed has a soft spot for his sister cities, as well as the countries that host his sister cities. 3 of his many sister cities are Chicago, Glasgow and Istanbul. He lapses between Urdu, Punjabi and English a lot. Though not at the same scale as NYC, Javed is pretty damn multi-talented. He's a fantastic singer, can play many instruments, paints and draws, makes films, but honestly? He is one lazy ass that couldn't care less. But, he knows this: The world loves him, his people love him, Kiza loves him and what's not to love? L'ore L'ore Hai! <3



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